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pUnK aCceSsorieS

Dare to be different?Looking for some accessories that will attract other attention on you?
Why don’t you try Punk fashion.

Punk fashion has been extremely commercialized at various times, and many well-established fashion designers — such as Vivienne Westwoodand Jean Paul Gaultier — have used punk elements in their production

Check out these cool punk accessories


cORaL BraChEleTs

Coral is actually the hard, skeletal part of coral polyps, little animals that live in colonies. The coral is actually a limestone. Coral is usually found in warm shallow waters – off the coasts of Florida, Australia, Africa, Brazil, Polynesia, the Caribbean. There are many different species of coral; much of the coral that is used for jewelry comes from the Mediterranean. Coral has been made into jewelry since ancient times, and is a classic jewelry material. The coral jewelry that you own can be worn for many generations.

Coral bracelet is my favorite! Love the peachy coral.  Here i share with you some of the design of coral Bracelets.

So, now you have variety choices of Coral Bracelets.. Start hunting for them as your new collection of accessories

BeAdeD RiNgS

It’s actually a ton of fun making these simple rings. Kids will love them and I bet you will too. They’re great for using up dabs of leftover beads. Here’s how you make ’em:

First pick out a big bead for the center. “Big” is a relative term, anywhere from 4 to 10mm will work, but you’ll want to scale your ring beads to fit the size of your center bead. For a very large center bead use size 6 ring beads, for a small one, use size 10 or 11 seed beads. Use doubled thread for this project. Pick up enough ring beads to reach from the hole halfway around the center bead, and the center bead. Then pick up the same number of ring beads minus one. Go back through the first ring bead you picked up in the first set of ring beads. Tie the short end and the long end of your thread together in a square knot.

Now pick up enough beads to fit around your finger and around half the center bead. Go through the center bead.

Pick up the same number of beads as you picked up in the second set of ring beads in the first step. Count down the number of beads you just picked up from the center bead back on the other side and re-enter the next bead back.

Continue through the entire ring loop and up around one side of the center bead. Pick up one ring bead and go into the bead just across from the bead you left to bridge the gap. If that doesn’t quite fill it, use two beads instead. Continue through the whole ring again and come up the other side of the center bead and bridge the gap on the other side. Continue through the ring again if possible to strengthen it. If you are using larger beads, go through the ring as many times as possible. On your final pass, tie off around the ring threads then complete the pass. Weave in the short end and you’re done. You’ll be amazed at how well the ring will hold it’s shape!


choker is a close-fitting necklace, worn high on the neck. This type of jewellery can consist of one or more bands circling the neck. Chokers can be made of a variety of materials, including velvet, beads, metal, and leather. They often adorned in a variety of ways, including with sequins,studs, a pendants, or a cameo.

The fun thing about choker necklaces is that you can find one made of almost any material, designed in almost any way, and they still look great no matter what! Choker necklaces can be worn by people of all ages, and we carry a selection that caters to the needs, desires, and personal style preferences of everyone.

bEadEd JewelRieS

If you enjoy jewelry and have an eye for matching beads, you may want to consider bead jewelry design. Beads come in a variety of materials from natural gemstones, wood and pewter to sterling silver.

Beads used in jewelry making come in many colors, shapes and sizes. You can find wooden beads, glass beads, acrylic beads, metal beads and beads carved from fine gemstone and minerals. Products for combining beads into pieces of jewelry are also as varied. Let your imagination and creativity guide you. The possibilities of what you can do with beads are endless.

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EaRthY BanGleS

Earthy jewelry takes its cue from nature’s beauty. Utilizing wood and other natural elements, these pieces add a shot of earthy luxury to colorful ensembles. The result is a lesson in summery drama: Just vivid enough to turn heads, but not so over-the-top that it steals the spotlight away from your outfit. Try these with bright maxi dresses or shorts to achieve the perfect warm weather look:

if you are looking for something natural.. these earthy bangles fits your taste..

maKe yOur SiLvEr JewElriEs SpArKle

You can retain the shining moments of your favorite silver jewelries with no spacial products needed.

Tarnish is the enemy of silver jewelries. How about trying this methods:

1. For items that are merely dull, filmy or staring to discolor, mix a few drops of mild soap with warm water and dip in a soft cloth. Rub cloth wet with solution to jewelry, then rinse in cool water and dry using clean dry cloth.

2. For heavier tarnished silver jewelry, mix a paste of three parts baking soda to one part water. Wet the silver and apply the cleaner with a soft, lint-free cloth (don’t use tissue paper, this may scratch your jewelry). Work the paste into the crevices, turning the cloth as it gets gray. Rinse then dry.

Note: Don’t soak the silver, this will speed up the tarnish rather than removing it.

Simple cleaning tip you can try.

GeMsToNe BraCelEte

Good quality gemstone bracelets   are something that many people enjoy having and wearing. A gemstone bracelet can identify a person’s birth month, the birth months of their family or just a personal favorite gemstone. There are many gemstones that look great in a bracelets . The important thing for anyone to verify when purchasing a bracelet is to be certain that both the metal used and the gemstones themselves are high quality.

Styles Of Gemstone Bracelets

Some gemstone bracelets will simply include one type of gemstone set in silver or gold in a strand around the wrist. This can be a stunning look due to the color and vibrancy of the gemstones against the metal. A bracelet which uses emeralds or sapphires in this way is certain to be absolutely beautiful and will draw admiring looks and comments from all who see it.
Other gemstone bracelets will combine strands of different gemstones or alternating gemstones in a single strand. This is a nice way to display birthstones of a whole family. A mom will be pleased to receive a present which represents each of her children and the combination of gemstones will be beautiful.
Diamonds are often placed with another type of gemstone in a bracelet because the diamonds tend to compliment and enrich any other stone. A really beautiful combination for a gemstone bracelet is sapphires and diamonds. The rich blue color of sapphires is wonderfully enhanced by the sparkling diamonds. This combination is especially nice when set in silver or white gold.

MeN’s RiNg

Men’s rings are gaining rapid popularity in today’s time. Gone are the days when only women were seen flaunting rings on their fingers. Now, even men can be seen sporting rings as a symbol of their committed relationship or as an everyday piece of adornment. Lately, there has been an increasing trend and demand for men’s rings in the modern society. A man’s ring should be classy, tasteful and moreover, suit his personality. It should be a piece that can be worn all the time, be it a special occasion or the workplace. You can gift a ring to your man as a symbol of your love or on occasions like engagement or wedding

c0CktAiL RiNgS

Whether you want to add some glitz to your special evening wear with a diamond ring or complete a boho-chic look with an earthy stone choice, you can find just the right cocktail rings to fit your personal style. Cocktail rings get the attention of other people. This flashy jewelry glimmers and catches the light around you at every angle.

Cocktail rings are a top trend in the fashion industry. Celebrities wear them as an instant boost of bling that works with almost any outfit. Whether you opt for candy colored and cute, or glittering and glamorous, aren’t for the faint of heart

Cocktail rings, also called dinner rings and right hand rings were originally worn as a status symbol during prohibition in the 1920’s. Throughout the decades the flashy and large sizes of the rings have drawn in the attention of women and especially celebrities. The cocktail ring’s boldness of size and attention demanding designs have contributed to the style’s continuing growth in popularity and diversification into costume and casual jewelry looks.