Tips for Finding Clip Earrings


There are those women who have no pierced ears and the only way they can wear earrings is through buying clip earrings. With pierced or no pierced ears, clip earrings are very wearable and are perfect for every age might be in the 20’s, 30’s or even the 50’s, this piece of accessory is the right one for those beautiful ears you have.

Why clip earrings? Quite simple actually, it’s convenient and has that classy look that never fades over a lifetime. Others might be a little bit pricey, others are purely imitations but nevertheless it is all up to you on what’s your preference when it comes to that clip earrings you want to buy.

Here are some factors you should always remember when buying clip earring

1. Design

What makes clip earrings stand out is the design. How intricate or simple the design is does make the difference. Simplicity is beauty; if you are up for a more sophisticated look do choose a design that is well crafted and unique.



2. Shape

More often, clip earrings come on posts or studs in round shapes. However, it can also come in dangles, drop or chandelier.


3. Weight.

There clip earrings that are light or heavy, if you want to wear a more lightweight type of earrings and can’t feel you are wearing some then this set of earrings is the right one for you. Heavy ones like the chandelier look more sophisticated and elegant.

4. Material.

Clip earrings like any type of earrings are made up of different materials. Materials such as gemstones, metals like gold and silver, and the cheapest ones are beads. If you want expensive ones try diamonds or the classic pearls.