Swatch Watch 2010 Core Collection

Swatch Watch Full Blooded Collection

SWATCH, makers of the world’s most innovative art for the wrist, presents new versions of the popular Irony Diaphane Chrono, Full Blooded. The first of these sparkling creations was a fashion hit, and the trend-conscious Swiss fashion watch and jewellery maker has come back with classy variations on a thoroughbred theme. The new models feature both classic finishes and pastels, new designs and crystals set in sunbrushed dials. The chrono pushers are in stainless steel, the counters discreet yet easily readable. The spirit of these new Full Blooded models is perfectly transparent, too, with lightweight aluminum or steel bracelets and the characteristic lightly frosted see-through plastic case designed to highlight the diaphane element of the name. Topping off these delightful new models are the elegant unmarked bezels and transparent white crystals at all hours


These are thier collection: