Engagement rings

Engagement rings are worn by women who have accepted marriage proposals. These are presented to them by the men to whom they are betrothed. This indicates an agreement by the two to marry one another.

The Background Behind Engagement Rings

Engagement rings were introduced to society in 1215 by Pope Innocent III who declared that a waiting period before marriage should be observed. This is why those who decided to follow the pope’s declaration decided to use these rings as an indication that this change in status was about to occur. Over time, this became the acceptable norm.

Today, most couples place their wedding rings on their left hand, which is called their ring finger. The finger is the one that is next to your middle finger. Throughout history this finger was believed to be the one that contained the vein of love. For this reason, a lot of men and women find the practice of placing these rings on their left ring finger to be both logical and romantic. Of course, some cultures have different beliefs as to why the ring is placed on the left culture. In fact, some people explain that the left hand is the weaker hand and that placing the ring on this hand indicates additional strength that will be gained through marriage when the “two become one.”

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