Brooches are beautiful accessories, but can make an outfit seemed dated if they are worn in the traditional way. Here are a few ways to make use of a brooch without looking like your great grandma

  • Step 1

Use a brooch as a hairpin. Make a bun or french twist extra glamourous by pinning a brooch in your hair. This usually looks best in the back of your hair, but use your judgement depending on the style. You made need bobby pins sweater as brooches are decorative but aren’t great at holding hair in place

  • Step 2

Use it to fit a or shirt. Have a cardigan or similar garment that is just a bit to big? In the back of it, about wear it hits your waist, pull the extra matieral together and fasten it with a brooch. You’ll have a better fitting garment and a fancy new detail in the back. This really spices up an outfit

  • Step 3

Pin a brooch on an evening bag. This looks best on a clutch or other small evening bag. Use a brooch that matches a color or detail in your dress, it will really help tie the bag into the look.