Hye Guys, did you owned the latest collection from Tifanny & Co?  Tifanny & Co is one of the famous jeweler today, let me introduce you to the owner of Tiffany & Co.

The year was 1837. Charles Lewis Tiffany and his schoolmate John Young traveled from New England to New York City with an idea and a dream that were to become Tiffany & Co. While the first day of business brought a mere four dollars and 98 cents, the world of jewelry and luxury goods would never again be the same.Charles Tiffany’s tireless search for one-of-a-kind objects charmed and fascinated the wealthy of New York. But when the store obtained some of the French crown jewels in 1887, Tiffany’s fame spread far and wide.Charles Lewis Tiffany went on to introduce the nation’s first retail catalogue. And, his obsession with the simple elegance of classic silver design earned Tiffany & Co. the highly coveted Award of Merit at the Paris Exposition Universelle in 1867. This was the first time an American company had been recognized by a European jury.Of the many individual achievements made under the leadership of Charles Lewis Tiffany, the introduction of the celebrated engagement ring in the 6-prong Tiffany® Setting is one of the most noteworthy. But, of course, Charles Lewis Tiffany’s grandest accomplishment was to establish America’s preeminent house of design and the world’s premier jeweler.

Tiffany & Co nowadays not only produces jeweleries but also other collections such as, watch, accessories and also gift.