Do you believe that crystal, beads and Gemstone have the healing power?  There are rumours stating that there are chakra on each crystal, beads and gemstone. So, they are not only ordinary accessories, but powerful healing elements.

Chakra’s are energy centers hovering an inch or two above the physical body in your aura field. They represent our emotional state, which if not balanced can over time, manifested into a physical illness. When we are happy and healthy, our chakra’s are in alignment, and we radiate good health. When we are angry or unhappy over a period of time, our chakra’s become blocked and unbalanced. The introduction of gemstones to help balance these chakra’s, helps absorb the negative energy and replace it with positive energy. The gemstones help us to be more aware of our spiritual, mental, and physical well being, and empower us to help ourselves achieve positive health. These changes are subtle and happen over time.