Indian fashion finds its rich traditions and heritage deeply embedded in its creations. Fashion in India is constantly evolving and given its diverse characteristics, the designs range from traditional, indo-western to contemporary. However, in order to complement and complete the traditional look of the attire; accessories play a vital role. Accessorizing imparts a whole new flavor to traditional fashion, and in India these accessories carry a unique appeal, and thus are gaining rapid popularity in the west as well. Indian accessories that form a significant component of Indian fashion include bindis, jute bags, handbags, purses, wedding bangles, regular bangles, anklets, toe rings, armlets etc.

As for today, I’ll focuses on bindi.

The stick-on bindis are small decorative motifs which are worn on the forehead, usually with traditional Indian attires. These come in various designs and colors some with stones studded into them. The patterns could include sun, moon, star, lotus, peacock, conch, shell, leaf, snake, paisley, swastika and geometrical designs. Another form of bindi includes tikkas and itlaks worn by both men and women. Bindis are available in liquid form, cream base or as stick-ons.