Pearls as a set of jewelry are considered to be one of the most classic yet elegant accessories a woman can wear. It can be a great match to any fashion style, might be modern, vintage, or just pair of jeans with a shirt on, pearls are just perfect!

Pearl stud earrings are a great finds and can add to a variety of jewelry collection for those women who love jewelry. Such piece of jewelry can change the whole feel and look of a woman. Now, the difficult part is choosing the right pair of pearl stud earrings.

To help you with your search for those perfect stud earrings here are some things to consider:

1. Luster.

It is considered to be the most important factor that one should look for in a pearl. Remember, the better the ability of the pearl to reflect light and other objects surround it, then it is of best quality.

2. Texture.

A perfect pearl does not exist. If a pearl is perfect then it is a fake one. A pearl has some imperfections it might be the surface like it contains some bumps, cracks, or spots. The value of the pearl is also determined on its imperfections. The more obvious the imperfections are the lesser value a pearl has.

3. Size.

In pearl, the bigger the size of a pearl is, the bigger the value it has. Pearls are measured in mm, the most common size you found out in the market ranges from 6.5-7.5 mm.

4. Color.

For sure, the usual color you see for pearls are either cream or white. But there are different varieties of colors for pearls; it can be black, gold or blue. If you are fun of colors, then choose the best one that defines your personality.

With the four things enumerated, then you are now ready to choose the best pearl stud earrings that are perfect for you. Such earrings are a perfect match for that baby black dress you have in your closet and for sure that dinner date with your partner will surely be a bomb! Or a meeting with the executives of the company you are working with, the earrings will give you the professional look you ever wanted for.

Whatever the occasion is, the time of day, pearl stud earrings will never let you down! A classic and elegant look is just an earring away.