You can easily transform a bandana into a cute wristband. It’s nice that there are so many patterns and colors to choose from these days. However, the traditional navy or red bandana seems to go with any pair of casual jeans. To dress up your outfit, choose a coordinating colored bandana and attach a fancy pin to the top of the wristband. This simple project will take only minutes to complete, but is easier if you have someone to help you do it.

»Fold your bandana in half, making a triangle.

» Pull the bottom tip up and make a 2-inch fold. Continue folding the same length until you reach the long end of the triangle, making a strip.

»Place the bandana strip on the underside of your wrist. Have someone help by pulling the bandana up to the top of your wrist and criss-cross it. Bring the bandana ends to the under side of your wrist and tie a square not (or tie it twice).

»Pin a decorative pin over the top of your wrist where the bandana criss-crosses. You might need that extra pair of hands to complete this. You just made a bandana wristband!!!!!!! Nice isn’t it?
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If You are looking for more style of wristband, watch this video.