Back in the days, people used to wear things that they can see on the ground like a necklace made out of twigs or leaves. They usually use animal’s teeth, rocks, claws and pottery as pendants. But nowadays, people won’t literally just pick up something from the ground to use as an adornment on their necks.

There is a wide array of necklaces in the market right now that you can choose; from silver necklaces, gold necklaces and even beaded necklaces. Pendants are also more precious now that they usually use diamonds and other precious gemstones. You can also choose to just layer your silver necklace or pile it on to combine gold and silver or any other color. The most popular pendant would have to be the pearl whether it is faux or not. Pearls come in different colors although the most popular one is the white one because it just exudes sophistication and it is a very classic piece. Some people have pearl pendants with their gold or silver necklace while others prefer the full beaded pearl necklace.

When it comes to chains, those who want to stick to the classic style opt for the gold necklaces. Usually, older generations pick this kind of color. However, the younger generation are also embracing gold-colored necklaces too because it does exude funkiness. Men are also a fan of the gold necklaces. However, they tend to go for the thicker pieces and they usually wear it without pendants.

The younger generation tends to lean towards a silver necklace. Silver necklaces are considered inexpensive compared to gold ones. The great thing about a silver necklace is that even if it is faux, it doesn’t tarnish much compared to gold accessories which look more obvious when they are already not in a good condition.

Beaded necklaces are normally used in the beach or during summer days. It usually looks great on sun dresses and maxi dresses. Beaded necklaces are the most inexpensive accessories compared to a gold necklace or a silver necklace. This is because the materials used for these are either made from wood, plastic or metal. However, there are also expensive beaded necklaces especially if they are rare.

When cleaning these necklaces, you have to take into consideration that there are different ways for each material. For instance, in cleaning a gold necklace, you have to use warm water, put a little soap in it and then wipe the necklace with the solution using a soft cloth.

In cleaning a silver necklace, you have to use a special silver cleaning solution to remove tarnishing spots. You can buy this solution in the market.

For beaded necklaces, you can simply use a damp cloth to wipe off the dirt and dust.