One particular type of couple jewelry that has become increasingly popular lately is the anniversary ring. At one time the anniversary ring was just for women but today that is no longer the case. Today even men are receiving anniversary rings as a way to demonstrate their love and commitment. Such anniversary couple rings are available as sets so that both husband and wife will have a matching ring.

Unlike the traditional wedding set, anniversary couple rings can be designed in many different ways. One of the most traditional styles is a band encircled with diamonds. This type of anniversary ring is commonly presented on one of the big anniversaries, but of course, there is certainly nothing stopping you from choosing such rings to celebrate any anniversary that you wish.

Some couples choose to replace their original wedding rings with their anniversary rings, but there are other options as well. For example, you might choose to simply add your anniversary ring to your original wedding ring. This is a good option when presenting couple anniversary rings because it allows the husband to add his anniversary ring to his wedding band. Another option would be to wear the anniversary ring on the right hand instead.

While diamonds are a popular option for couple anniversary rings you might also think about adding some other stones as well, including the birthstone for the month in which you were married. For example, if you were married in January then a garnet would be an excellent choice. Likewise, if you were married in September then a sapphire would be a good option. Three stone couple anniversary rings are a great option. You might choose three stones that match, such as three diamonds, or you may choose to mix it up and include both of your birthstones along with a center diamond. Engraving is also popular for couple anniversary rings, just as they are with wedding rings. Choose an inscription that is special and meaningful to the two of you.

In addition to couple anniversary rings, couple rings that can be presented for any occasion are also popular as well. They are an excellent venue for expressing your love and commitment to one another. Such couple rings are commonly personalized in many different ways so that they are truly unique and special to the couple in question. You may choose to customize them through the use of special gemstones as well as through engraving. The possibilities for inscriptions on your ring are practically endless.

One of the most popular styles of couple rings today is a platinum band set with one or more diamonds. The diamonds are typically set into the band rather than raised on the band. Many such couple rings feature a channel setting, especially when several diamonds are used in the ring. These styles of rings are ideal to be presented for practically any occasion ranging from an anniversary to simply a way to say I love you.

Regardless of what type of jewelry style you select for your couple jewelry, diamonds are by far the most popular stone to be included. Diamonds look wonderful on their own as well as when combined with other stones as well.

Keep in mind that couple jewelry is best selected together so that you can both be sure that the design is something you will both enjoy. The two of you can have a lot of fun choosing suitable couple jewelry and enjoying what it says about your commitment to one another.