Do not get your nose pierced with a piercing gun!

These were not invented for noses and the jewelry is very blunt and often way too tight. This increases your chances of infection, keloids (bumps) and scarring. But thereally big reason is that the employees of places that use these tools are not trailed properly about blood-born disease transmission and the piercing guns are not sterilized properly in between customers to prevent the spread of HIV or Hepatitis C!

Do not wear sterling silver or plastic in a new or healing pierced nose!

A) Sterling Silver – The tarnishing of this metal worn in a healing piercing can permanently stain the skin, leaving a black mark around the piercing site that will NEVER go away. I have no knowledge of any method for getting rid of the staining. New nose piercings need to be healed wearing stainless steel, niobium, titanium or 14k gold. If you find out you have sterling silver in your new piercing, go see a reputable piercer and have them switch it out for a safe metal.

B) Plastic or nylon – although hypoallergenic, these materials are porous, and they can absorb body fluids that can lead to infection, the plastic discoloring or the jewelry sticking to the healing piercing.

Do not change your nose jewelry too soon!

Noses take three months or longer to fully heal and some people find that if they take out the jewelry sooner, the piercing collapses or closes down and they can’t get any jewelry back in, thus losing the piercing entirely. Changing jewelry too soon can also re-tear the inside of the healing piercing and make you start the healing process all over again. If you have some sort of crisis with a piece of jewelry and you really have to change it out, go back and see your piercer who can swap the jewelry in a way that doesn’t let the piercing close down on you.

Do not use rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide to clean your new piercing!

They both can cause tissue burns and increase irritation, which slows down healing and increases the chances of scar tissue or “bumps” forming.

Avoid swimming pools, hot tubs and swimming in the ocean during the healing period.

Chlorine and other chemicals used to maintain public pools are very bad for the healing tissues. The danger from the ocean is bacterial infection from pollution contaminants. Also, if you exercise or sweat very heavily, the toxins that the body releases in perspiration can also irritate piercings, so be sure to rinse or wash off your face when you get done playing sports or working out.