Be it a man or woman, everyone uses a belt either for a style statement or to keep their trouser or jeans on place. Whether you agree or not, belt forms an essential accessory for us. However, not all of us know how to choose the right belt for us, so here are some tips to help you out.

If you are wearing black shoes then go for a black belt and not a brown belt, else you might look funny. Similarly, while wearing a leather belt, make sure to wear leather shoes for a stylish statement.

Keep in mind the right color combination while choosing the belt. The impact of your belt would be double if you match your belt with your dress’s color. If you are slim and have a slim waist, then go for skinny belts as these belts look awesome on slim people.

On the other hand, medium size belts look good on anyone, no matter how fat or slim a person is. Use wide belts for lifting up your body hugging jeans or low waist jeans. More than for men, belts come in different shades and chic designs for women.