Whether you want to add some glitz to your special evening wear with a diamond ring or complete a boho-chic look with an earthy stone choice, you can find just the right cocktail rings to fit your personal style. Cocktail rings get the attention of other people. This flashy jewelry glimmers and catches the light around you at every angle.

Cocktail rings are a top trend in the fashion industry. Celebrities wear them as an instant boost of bling that works with almost any outfit. Whether you opt for candy colored and cute, or glittering and glamorous, aren’t for the faint of heart

Cocktail rings, also called dinner rings and right hand rings were originally worn as a status symbol during prohibition in the 1920’s. Throughout the decades the flashy and large sizes of the rings have drawn in the attention of women and especially celebrities. The cocktail ring’s boldness of size and attention demanding designs have contributed to the style’s continuing growth in popularity and diversification into costume and casual jewelry looks.