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Ribbons can be used for a variety of things. You can even use thin ribbons to add a little something extra to your hair. By wearing a ribbon as a headband, you can keep you hair out of your face and create a new look all your own. By purchasing different colors of ribbon, you can match your headband to almost any outfit you have. Whether going casual or dressy, wearing a ribbon is simple and quick, and will add color to your ensemble.

Try some steps to make a ribbon headband.

  • step 1

Pull your hair up on top of your head in a ponytail.

  • Step 2

Secure your hair by putting it in a hair tie.

  • Step 3

Place the ribbon on top of your head. Make sure that the middle of the ribbon is in the middle of your head.

  • Step 4

Pull the sides of the ribbon down the sides of your head and behind your ears.

  • Step 5

Tie the ribbon into a knot at the bottom of your head underneath your hair. Leave the ribbon in the knot or you can tie it into a bow.

  • Step 6

Pull the hair tie out of your hair to let your hair fall over the ribbon.



headband is a clothing accesory worn in the hair or around the forehead, usually to hold hair away from the face or eyes. Headbands generally consist of a loop of elastic  material or a horseshoe-shaped piece of flexible plastic or metal. They come in assorted shapes and sizes and are used for both practical and fashion purposes.

If you want to keep your hair out of your face or you just want to sport a headband as a cool fashion accessory, slipping one on is easy. These inexpensive hair accessories come in so many colors and styles, you can have one to match any outfit.

1. Choose headband. While there are headbands in virtually every color, your headband doesn’t have to exactly match your outfit. A neutral colored headband in black, brown, tan or tortoiseshell can go with just about anything.

2. Slip headband on. The easiest headbands to wear simply slip on your head, but some styles have an elastic band that slips under your hair at the nape of your neck for added security.

3. Wear bangs under the headband if you want them out of your face. This is useful when you’re trying to grow your bangs out and need an option for keeping them out of the way.

4. Wear bangs in front of the band if you prefer that look.

5. Keep your hair loose behind the headband or pull it into a low ponytail. You can also style your hair into a casual up-do

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Hair Accessories

Hair accessories

Hair accessories have been used to add interest to hair for a millenium. Name the civilization and I will demonstrate instances where diverse sorts of hair decorations and jewelry were used to add a bit of stylishness to hair. At present more and more hair accessories are being used to balance and finish hair styles. Special kinds of custom-made styles can be posed with these magnificent accessories. Whether it’s your friends wedding, a casual social gathering or birthday get-together every occasion provides you the chance to put on these accessories in accordance with your stylishness. There is an infinite selection of accessories, in unique colours and sizes.

Head bands are the preferred hair accessory right now. They are beyond doubt something that you will want to purchase, if you haven’t before now. It is recommended that you have at least three different head band types to enhance hairstyles, a chunky, medium and fine one. Wide headbands are an ideal add-on to hair styles where the hair is left down. There is a selection of colours and designs to pick from, that range from vivid red to paisley and animal print.

It is moreover a great idea to invest in a skinny head band. Delicate headbands can be added to a hair-do where the hair is put up, whether in a plait or twist. They are great to fasten back any stray pieces of hair that will not go up and are in general just brilliantly practical. Blondes ought to consider skinny, black headbands and brunettes fine, white head bands.

Another two must-have hair accessories that you want to contemplate adding to your shopping list are hair slides. Greatly like headbands, there is an infinite range of clip designs in an extensive selection of sizes. No matter what your purpose for them, you will find that a hair fastener or two will sure come in handy at some point in hair styling.

Some hair slides have jewel detail in different styles. They are perfect for any hairstyle no matter your hair color or type. For instance, you might want to use 2 hair clips to separate your hair. Hair clips in addition make good pony tail holders. You can go for similar shade clips as your hair if you want hair slides to mix together with hair colour or bright shades if you would like to stand out from the group.

Similar to barrettes, hair grips can be used in lots of different ways to complete any style. Whether you decide to use simply 1 or 10 hair grips, you are sure to find that your hair will look fantastic. They can be used in half up styles and to fix headbands in place. Most hair grips too have decorations attached, such as stars or ribbons. If you don’t already have a couple of bobby pins, you certainly have to think about adding them to your accessories collection.

Besides party accessories there are those which are used on an every day basis. We are by now familiarized with all the kinds of hairbands and hair pins. But apart from them you can continually have a distinctive look by matching your haircut with fitting accessories

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