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Fill Your Handbag

If you’re shopping for a wallet, key chain and other accessories for inside your handbag, try coordinating it all. A leather wallet, a key ring with a leather accent and a leather business card holder will look lovely together inside your handbag. Take it a step further with a coordinating makeup bag and even a leather notebook for to-do lists. You’ll give yourself a visual treat every time you reach for your keys.


Wallets you’ll love to use

When you’re shopping for wallets, you’re most likely replacing an old wallet. To figure out which wallet is right for you, follow these tips to figure out what you like to carry along with you on a day-to-day basis:

  • First, empty out your current wallet.
  • Now is a good time for a little housekeeping: Throw away old receipts and stamp cards you don’t use and file away any business cards you still need.
  • Decide if you like to carry along all of your credit cards or just one or two, so you know how many card slots you’ll need.
  • Do you like to carry cash and change? You may need a wallet with a coin holder.
  • If you don’t like to leave home without your checkbook, opt for a checkbook wallet that has a place to hold it and everything else.

After you’ve decided what you want to fit into your wallet, you can choose a style. Pick a wallet that matches your handbag or pick a wallet that you just love the style of. You may even want to choose a wallet stylish enough that it can double as a clutch for evening. try it!!!!!!!!

How to Spot Fake Handbag

How to Spot a Fake Handbag

Hey guys – Designer handbags can be an amazing accent to an outfit, but for the price they often demand, they can also be an amazing mortgage payment. Fortunately or unfortunately, this fact keeps the knockoff business in full swing, and some of the imitations look pretty real at first glance. But take a look at these tips, and you’ll never be fooled again. Check it out.

Examine the Handbag Construction

Tip One: Materials. Fake purses used to look like plastic toys, even from a distance. But with stiff competition for the bargain basement market, quality has actually gone up, although the materials used to make these clones remains a dead giveaway. Top grade leather is usually soft and pliable – imitation materials tend to bend in funny places, and are often misshapen or unevenly colored. Take a good look at the stitching as well – keep an eye out for sloppy craftsmanship in hidden places such as pockets or corners inside of the bag.

Real designer purses are more expensive in part because of their extremely detailed construction, which just can’t be matched in the mass-produced counterfeits. The designer versions are also exorbitantly expensive, well, because people still buy ’em.

Check for a Fake Designer Label

Tip two: The label. Think of the label as the artist’s signature on a painting – this is generally something that will be carefully sewn in to a purse’s interior. If you see a cheaply made tag, or one that is misspelled or in a font that differs from the official logo, it’s a pretty good sign you’re looking at a fake. Although I gotta tell you, I have a pair of George Armano pants that look just like the real thing. In polyester.

Look for a Designer Handbag Box

Tip three: The box. If you’re buying a purse from a guy at a stand on the street and given a Trader Joes bag to carry it home in, chances are good it’s a fake. Real designer handbags are generally packed in tissue in an official brand name box, and often come with an equally well-crafted dust bag. Finally, genuine products usually come with a booklet that describes the quality of your handbag’s detail – if this is absent, it’s one last good sign it’s a forgery.

You should also check the zippers, handles, and anything else that might not catch the eye at first glance. And, if you’re trying to pass your own fake handbag off as real, your best tactic is to probably just wave your arms around a lot, or hang out in really, really dark places.