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eXotiC JeweLrIes

do you love exotic jeweleries? An exotic show-stopper. Ethnic influences will be big, from oriental inspired to egyptian elements. To stand out, look for a big brooch or pendant with an exotic animal or ethnic design - again, bold jewel colours work perfectly, for example turquoise against gold.


Round ‘John Lennon’ Sunglasses

Karen Walker sunglassesThe comeback of the round ‘John Lennon’ sunglasses can really be considered a sub-trend of the thick plastic sunglasses trend, but as you could wear them with a think, metal frame we’re considering this a separate frame

This is also a sunglasses trend only for women, while originally popularised by John Lennon any guys wearing these about town are going to come off looking like a sad git or Ozzy Osbourne. Perhaps that’s the same thing.

ovEr tHe KneE Bo0tS

Your legs will always stay safe and sound and what is more they will look really sexy and attractive. Do you know what I am talking about? Over-the-knee boots.

Such boots are often called “thigh-highs” – or “cuissardes”. The are favourite shoes of Madonna, and she looks spectacular wearing her over-the-knee Louis Vuitton boots, and notorious Kate Moss loves these boots a lot.

Frankly speaking, all kinds of soles are in, I mean both high-heeled and flat version loom amazing.

I’ve seen a great number of unusual accessories and jewellery, but this one is … simply awkward and very thought-provoking. How do you like unusual things from a French jeweller Margaux Lange? I am ready to bet this person has special imagination since most of his masterpieces are very far from being normal. The Barbie dolls collection is … quite unnatural.

weird isn’t it?

OMG! The latest and undeniably the very stylish Luis Vuitton bags are making it really tough for girls to save their pocket money! I mean, once you see the styles, designs and the colors of these bags, I don’t think that you will be able to resist yourself.  Well! I am saying so as the designs are seriously irresistible.

Here’s the complete line-up of the bags from Louis Vuitton’s Spring/Summer 2010 collection. It comprises of 7 lines, all of which represents Marc Jacobs’ idea of the new age traveler.

Almost all of the pieces are cross-body bags and some bags has fox tail and tassel charms hanging from them.

riNgs wItH thE ButTerFlIeS

Butterflies and big rings and especially big rings with amazing butterflies seem to be the hottest accessory of the upcoming spring. It goes without saying – they look great.

Butterflies make even solid and respectable woman look funny and very touching.

Love this trend!

Louis Vuitton Mini Noe Rococo

Have you seen the latest Louis Vuitton Mini Noe Rococo bags? If not then wait no more and just have a look at this so shiny so sparkling so…(I am over-excited now) bag. At the first glance only you will be stunned to see those thousands of sequins sparkling in the bag. Yes, the Louis Vuitton Mini Noe Rococo has thousands of sequins on it and that is what the key thing in making this bag look so glamorous.

so what ore waiting for? Go and Grab one…

meN’s Wo0dEn bElt

Is your man brave enough? Yes?! Then, will he where such a wooden belt? Have a look at it – incredible and very close to nature. The buckle of the belt is made from real wood – very eco-friendly and unusual.

The belt was made by You And Me The Royal We, The Bark Buckle Leather Belt is made from authentic leather

Flights of Fancy: the feathered headband trend

I love feathers. It’s their natural beauty; the compendium of a multitude of hues brought together in vibrant patterns governed by nature… all for attracting a mate. Just think about the grace and style of the peacock and you will see what I mean. Well, the feather trend has been creeping up on catwalks since A/W 09-10, and I think its about time we all took a flight of fancy!

One of the easiest ways to wear the feather trend is as part of headwear. With a choice between a cute array on dainty slides or skinny alice bands with shoots of feathers coming off, it doesn’t take a lot of daring to pull it off. Then there’s the next step, for the truly fashion obsessed: the headband.

b0W HeaDbaNd

Bows. They’re the more time-tested and socially acceptable cousin of bunny ears, a trend that took the fashion world by storm in 2009. So, heading into 2010 fashion trend , are bows the accessory that will outlive the bunny?

Let me say it straight off. Bows may sound all harmless and innocent; but there are dangers with this trend. You could wind up looking like 80s Madonna, a collector of cheap kitsch, or unintentional Goth Lolita. The key here is not to skimp on the bow. They’re only good in so far as they’re unique and/or high quality. You’re also making a statement so make it oversized, luxurious, and fun. Another way to wear it is with a headscarf tied up 1940’s working girl style.